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Self-guided Training

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Trainings & Events
No upcoming events at the moment

Trainings & Events

Want to learn more about invasive species and how you can use iMapInvasives to help to protect NY natural resources from their impacts? Register for one of our free trainings and events below. Most of our trainings are recorded and uploaded to our YouTube Channel.

Self-Guided Training

Self-Guided Training

Would you like to get started with iMapInvasives or learn more about advanced data entry on your own? We've created several help documents and tutorials to get you started using iMapInvasives. See below for the top resources, or check out the full:

Using the mobile app

Photo by Falon Neske, OPRHP

For other resources including invasive species identification help, newsletters, lesson plans and more, view our Resources page.


Certified Trainers Network

Interested in protecting NYS natural resources? The iMapInvasives Certified Trainers Network (CTN) is a group of volunteers and professionals who train their communities to monitor invasive species and report their distributions to iMapInvasives. Contact us to request a training.

How to Become a Certified Trainer

  1. Attend initial certification webinar

  2. Fill out certification plan

  3. Host a training!

Looking for a Certified Trainer?

Between the 8 Partnerships for Regional Invasive Species Management and our network of Certified Trainers (counties shaded in blue above) - We've got you covered!

Certification Webinars

To start the certification process, you can either attend our next certification webinar, or watch our webinar recording from the previous training.

Certified Trainers

Abby Bezrutczyk , LIISMA

Amanda Barber, Cortland County SWCD

Andrew Randazzo, NYSDEC

Brittney Rogers, SLELO PRISM

Bob Mozer, Southampton

Brent Boscarino, Lower Hudson PRISM

Bill Jacobs, LIISMA

Capstone team, RIT

Camille Marcotte, CCE Onanadaga County

Caroline Marschner, NYSHI

Chris Badurek, SUNY Cortland

Colleen  Lutz, NYNHP

Connor Brierton, SUNY Cortland

Danielle Dolan, Western NY PRISM

Donna Vogler, SUNY Oneonta

Elijah Blum, Cornell University

Elyse Henshaw, RTP Institute

Emily Thiel, NYSDEC

Emma Antolos, NYSDEC

Eric Struening, SUNY Cobleskill

Frank Williams, Citizen Scientist

Haley Gladitsch, LIISMA

Jennifer Dean, NYNHP

John Marino, NYNHP

Kate Monacelli, Finger Lakes PRISM

Kristopher Williams, Capital Region PRISM

Lauren Mercier, Capital Region PRISM

Leah Gorman, Albany Water Department

Liana Gertzer, Clarkson Central School District

Lindsay Charlop, NYSDEC

Lindsay Dombroskie, NYS OPRHP

Matt Brincka, NYS OPRHP

Mathew Gallo, Finger Lakes PRISM

Meg Wilkinson, NYNHP

Megan Pistolese, SLELO PRISM

Michael Giambalvo, NYS AGM

Michael Jabot, SUNY Fredonia

Mitchell O'Neill, NYNHP

Monica Dore, LGLC

Monica Matt, Upstate Freshwater Institute

Nicole Campbell, Capital Region PRISM

Rebecca Hargrave, SUNY Morrisville

Shannon Fabiani, CCE Onandaga County

Steven Pearson, NYSDEC

Zack Simek, APIPP

Any questions?

Contact us

Project Importance:

  • The more information we have about invasive species, the more effective our efforts are to minimize impacts on the places we love. The iMapInvasives Trainers Network helps by growing the number of people knowledgeable about, and looking for, invasive species, which boosts our ability to catch new invaders early.


Who should Join?

  • Anyone interested in protecting our natural areas and empowering their communities to do the same. The CTN includes Natural resource professionals, college students, educators, and citizen scientists.

Benefits of joining:

  • Involvement in local and statewide projects, increased awareness of invasive species, networking opportunities, professional experience, improve resume


  • The iMap CTN train-the-trainer program was initiated to fill the growing need for iMap trainings as the use of the database expanded in NY. The network was established in 2017 by Brittney Rogers as a part of her Master's thesis work at SUNY-ESF. Since then, the network has grown to deliver over 100 trainings to thousands of individuals.

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Request Help
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