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Welcome, educators!

We are excited to have iMapInvasives used in the classroom - the online tool is a great way to engage students through technology, and the data collected goes to the NS state database to help natural resource professionals. Contact us for more information.


iMap is often a great for educational tool for college and university students as well as middle and high school students.

iMapInvasives for Middle & High School

Are you a middle school or high school science teacher that would like to explore invasive species with your class?  In partnership with iMapInvasives, the DEC has developed an invasive species curriculum for students in 6th-12th grade.

Additional Resources

Middle/High School

iMapInvasives in Higher Education

Use iMapInvasives in projects for students to learn and apply valuable skills in data collection, environmental stewardship, and mapping. Try in one or more of these three areas: 

Science Communication

Field Work

GIS & Web Mapping

Email us at for more info and help getting started!

Examples of past and current projects (more links coming soon):

Higher Education
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