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iMapInvasives Data

iMapInvasives Data

iMapInvasives is a collaborative GIS-based invasive species database for presence, not-detected, and treatment records entered by professionals and citizen scientists. Taxonomic experts across the state review and confirm the species identity of presence records. View iMapInvasives data.

Contribute data

To record an observation, please see our Report an Invasive page.

If you have an invasive species dataset including over 100 records that you would like to contribute, please email us at

Using and analyzing iMap data

Much of the data in iMapInvasives database is available for use via Exports and Web Map Services.

NYNHP has used iMap data to create tools for prioritizing management

Some analysis can be run in the online interface using the report tool.

Maps & Dashboards

View Maps & Dashboards

NY iMapInvasives and partners have created online maps and dashboards to view iMapInvasives data, derivative products, and related invasive species information. View selected examples below.

Want to create your own map or dashboard for displaying invasive species data? iMapInvasives data is available as a Web Map Service

Prioritizaton Analysis

Prioritization Analysis

Invasive species are a constant challenge to the protection of our natural resources. Due to limited resources, eradication is not feasible for every project, species, or location. Economic and ecological cost may outweigh the benefits of a control project. NYNHP works with state partners to develop prioritization tools that help managers decide which invasive species management efforts will have the best outcomes.

Prioritize by:


Where are invasive species likely to spread and have a high impact?

NYNHP developed map models to help prioritize resources for early detection and invasive species control. The resulting map highlights areas with high ecological value and risk of invasive spread. 


Which species should management and survey efforts be focused on for each region?

The invasive species tier lists use a standardized approach based on the invasion curve to categorize species with current data and expert input.


How can we evaluate management outcomes for projects?

The Management Outcomes Analysis leverages iMapInvasives data to summarize and visualize outcomes of invasive species management.

iMapInvasives and the Nature Conservancy created IPMDAT to help managers determine if an invasive control project is likely to succeed and if it warrants investment of resources.

Exports & WMS

Exports & Web Map Services (WMS)

Are you interested in using iMap data in spatial analyses, overlaying iMap data with your own data, or displaying iMapinvasives data on your website? Use the iMap3 Web Map Services (WMS) for live data, or export data from the online interface. For information on using iMapInvasives Data and proper citation, please see the iMapInvasives Terms of Use.

Web Map Services

Connect to live iMapInvasives data directly from online and desktop GIS software using the iMap3 WMS.

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View our Maps and Dashboards to see examples of what you can do with iMap3 Web Map Services.

Data Exports

Users can download up to 10,000* records at a time using the iMap online interface. Users must first create an account.

*If you need more than 10,000 records, please fill out the Bulk Data Request Form

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