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Report directly to the online iMapInvasives database

Once in the iMapInvasives database, your reports are instantly viewable by conservation partners across the state, and distribution data in iMapInvasives can influence conservation priorities. To report directly to the database, simply create a free account and log in (see here for more guidance).

Want to report an invasive but don't want to create an account? Not sure if the species you found is invasive?

Please note: these reports are not automatically added to the database; NYNHP staff review these public reports weekly.


Enter a Record


Collect observations on your phone using the iMapInvasives Mobile App, then easily upload records directly to iMapInvasives once back in connectivity. See here for more info.

Use the iMapInvasives online map interface to trace where you found invasive species on your computer or mobile device when in connectivity. See our how-to handout.


Advanced Data Collection

Looking for more advanced data entry options including polygons, treatments, and more in the field?

​View the chart below to compare the data collection tools available to iMap users.

Help docs

Please email us at for information on accessing and using these tools.

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