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Welcome to the iMap Blog! #NYISAW

In honor of NY Invasive Species Awareness Week (NYISAW), we are pleased to announce the launch of the monthly NY iMapInvasives Blog! If you haven't been involved yet this week - not to worry! There are still some great events in store, as well as some great recordings (including our webinar on spotted lanternfly and tree-of-heaven). Go to to learn more.

As we approach the end of another great NYISAW, we encourage to stay connected to the invasive species work conducted in NY. We hope join the effort to spread the word, but prevent the spread of invasives themselves! One great way to stay connected is to subscribe to our new blog (see the bottom of this page)!

Some topics you can look forward to in the next few months:

  • How much water chestnut are we really pulling?

  • Six years of mapping challenges: looking back

  • Adventures in confirming

  • Understanding the SLF life cycle

  • Top 10 Invasive lookalikes

We hope you've had a great 2021 NYISAW!

Stay connected!

1. Visit your PRISM's website

2. Sign up for iMapInvasives

3. Check out our upcoming events at and follow us on social media!

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