iMapInvasivesReport invasive species with your smartphone! 

iMapInvasives Mobile App Collect observations on your phone, then upload directly to your iMapInvasives online account once back in connectivity.  We have created an online tutorial to help get you started!

  Check out the Quick Start Guide or iMapMobile User Manual for additional help.

iMapInvasives Mobile App Minimum Requirements:  Android: 4.1+ / Apple iOS: 9+

Attention: Some iPhone 5 users have been experiencing problems using the app.  Please email if you experience any problems.

Another option for collecting invasive species data is to use iNaturalist and add observations to our project:
iNaturalist (Apple and Android)
Use the power of iNaturalist to record observations of any organism (invasive or native) and become part of the online social network of naturalists crowd sourcing species identifications. Follow these steps to add data into our project, which will be uploaded into iMapInvasives* online after quality control checks are completed:
  1. Download the iNaturalist app from the Google Play or Apple App store
  2. Create an account (it would be helpful to use your iMapInvasives username)
  3. Under Projects, join "NY iMapInvasives"
  4. Add observations! For each record, take a photo and select the NY iMapInvasives project (be sure to click the Save icon
*Note that these observations will be manually transferred from iNaturalist to iMapInvasives, so there will be a time lag until your data appears in the NY iMapInvasives.