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 Documenting Water Chestnut Efforts 

Make your efforts Count!

Statewide totals for water chestnut pulled by participating organizations in 2021*:

27,107 kg

884 acres

Each year, thousands of pounds of water chestnut (Trapa natans) are pulled by professionals and volunteers across the state. These efforts help protect our natural resources from the negative impacts of this invasive species - help us track these efforts!

Water chestnut pull efforts in should  be recorded in iMap using this standard method, allowing for statewide analysis:


Record the extent and distribution of the infestation before you pull.


Record a treatment polygon in iMapInvasives to show where you pulled.


Repeat next year!

*These totals are based on the presence and treatment records that followed the standard reporting method outlined in the pdf and playlist above.

How to record your water chestnut pull efforts:

There are two main options for entering water chestnut polygon and treatment data.

1. iMapInvasives Online interface: for entering data after a survey or pull effort, when back indoors.

2. iMapInvasives Survey123: for enteringg data in the field.

Reach out to for more info.

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