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Documenting Water Chestnut Efforts

Make your efforts Count!

Statewide totals for water chestnut pulled by participating organizations in 2021*:

27,107 kg

884 acres

Each year, thousands of pounds of water chestnut (Trapa natans) are pulled by professionals and volunteers across the state. These efforts help protect our natural resources from the negative impacts of this invasive species - help us track these efforts! Learn more.


Record the extent and distribution of the infestation in iMapInvasives before you pull.


Record a treatment polygon in iMapInvasives to show where you pulled.


Repeat next year!

*These totals are based on the presence and treatment records that followed the standard reporting method outlined below.

Track progress over time

Be a part of the statewide effort

Join a network of natural resource managers and conservation professionals in your region and across New York State

2022 Statewide Report Coming Soon!

How it works

Organize a water chestnut pull


Learn more:

Document your efforts in iMapInvasives

1. Draw on the map where you found water chestnut, and choose the Distribution Class.

2. Draw where you removed plants


At the end of the year, NYNHP analyzes your data

Based on the polygons you drew, the distribution class you selected, and a 2021 filed study where we generated average biomass estimates for each distribution class, we calculate biomass estimates.

Area of polygon * Average biomass for your selected distribution class

This standard calculation allows you to track progress from year to year, and compare efforts accross the state.


For more info, contact us at:

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