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"On a global basis...the two great destroyers of biodiversity are, first, habitat destruction, and second, invasion by exotic species..."
 E.O. Wilson (Strangers in Paradise, 1997)   
 There are different types of invasive worms in NY.  It is very difficult to determine the exact species of invasive worm without completing genetic testing, therefore you can enter: "Jumping Worms (species unknown)" into iMapInvasives. 

                         Jumping worm (Amynthas spp.)
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Photo from: Wisconsin Department of  Natural Resources

The clitellum (lighter colored band) is a cloudy white color and is smooth to the touch.  It does not raise up above the body like other species of earthworms. 

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Photo From: Photo from: Wisconsin Department of  Natural Resources

Amynthas worms create a grainy, dry looking soil that resembles coffee grounds.  Plants may find it difficult to grow in the type of soil these worms create and it is called the worm's "soil signature".  

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