Suggestions and Tips

General Suggestions

  • Prior to installing Survey123 for ArcGIS and the WISPA 2019 survey, ensure the device being utilized is current with device and software updates.

  • It is highly recommended to upload records nightly to prevent any loss of data. 

  • Although the user’s GPS location is not as critical as it has been in previous iterations of WISPA, it would still be helpful to keep GPS on – particularly if the “Not Listed” boat launch is utilized. 

  • However, turn off Wi-Fi and Bluetooth while out in the field. This way the device will not search for Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connections where there will not be any. This improves battery life and processing speeds.

  • Airplane mode may be able to be utilized, as long as device can still utilize GPS.



  • On Android, if your device is in “safe mode”, the WISPA survey may not load. Check settings and try again! 

  • Be patient with pick lists (e.g. boat launches, NY waterbodies). You may have to tap the down arrow a couple times. They take a while to load sometimes. 

  • Due to the configuration of the survey, users may notice slower load times when using Android devices versus Apple (iOS) device.


Helpful Tips

  • NY waterbody is a type ahead field. Start typing part of the name and the pick list will narrow down. 

  • Close the keyboard after you are done using it so it doesn’t cover up the survey or the save button. 

  • Use the comments field at the end for information/additional explanations you cannot find a place for within the survey.

Frequently Asked Questions

Survey123 for ArcGIS

How do I open the WISPA 2019 survey in the Survey123 for ArcGIS app?

Find the Survey123 for ArcGIS app on your device and open the app by selecting the Survey123 icon. Once Survey123 loads the "My Surveys" page will appear. Find the icon labeled "WISPA 2019" and select the icon to begin the survey.

How do I use the WISPA 2019 survey?

How do I save answers for use on future surveys (set favorites)?

  1. Start a new survey

  2. Complete answers for questions which you would like to have answers saved

  3. Tap the menu icon in the upper right side of the screen

  4. Select Set as favorite answers

  5. You may notice that nothing appears to have happened – don’t worry, it worked!

  6. Close survey by tapping the X icon in the upper left side of the screen

  7. Select Save this Survey in Drafts

  8. Then, later, paste the saved answers into a new survey by:

    • ​Starting a new survey

    • Tapping the menu icon in the upper right of the screen

    • Selecting Paste answers from favorite, and the answers will automatically be pasted into the designated questions

How do I change the font size in Survey123?

At the main menu, select the menu icon in the upper right hand corner and in the pop up window select the Settings option. At the bottom of the Settings menu screen, the Text tab should be selected (if not manually select the Text tab) and a slide bar will be visible at the top of the page. Slide left to decrease the scale (smaller text) and slide right to increase the scale (larger text).

How do I update the WISPA 2019 survey?

To update the survey form any time new users or launches are added:

YOUR OUTBOX. Otherwise these pending-upload surveys will be irrecoverably deleted.

  1. Open the WISPA Survey you currently have on your device.

  2. Click the menu button at the top right and choose Delete.

  3. Using a web browser, enter the WISPA 2019 survey URL into the web address.

  4. Once the page loads, an image will appear in a gray box prompting the user to click the gray box to open the WISPA 2019 survey in the Survey123 field app. Click the gray box (Note: on iOS devices, this step happens automatically).

  5. Once the survey has finished loading, you will see the WISPA 2019 main page, Watercraft Inspection Survey 2019. The survey has been successfully updated.

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ArcGIS Online

How do I access my organizations WISPA content?

To download the survey data, please follow these steps:

  1. Access your ArcGIS Online account.

  2. Select the “Groups” tab in the header.

  3. Find your organizations “WISP” folder and select the folder.

  4. On the main WISP page, scroll down to the Latest Content section and find the feature layer labeled WISPA [organization acronym] and select the feature; for example, for WNY the feature will be labeled “WISPA WNY.”

  5. On the main “WISPA [organization]” page, select “Export Data” on the right-hand side of the screen and select the format you wish to export the data in.

  6. In the “Export Data” pop up, please fill in all fields in order to enable the “Export” option and then select “Export” once all fields are completed.

  7. On the new web page, which has the same name as the name you gave to the exported data, select the “Download” option on the right-hand side of the screen and the data will be downloaded to your computer.

Where do I find the Statewide Dashboard, editor map, and my organizations survey data?

From your organizations "My Groups" page, select your organizations WISPA group, which will be labeled "WISP [organization acronym]." On your organizations main WISP page, scroll down to the "Latest Content" section to find the WISPA Statewide Dashboard, your organizations survey data (labeled WISPA [organization acronym]), and your organizations editor map (labeled WISPA [organization acronym] Editor Map 2019).

How do I export data to ArcGIS Desktop?

From your organizations main WISP page, select the content you are interested in exporting (for example, your organizations survey data will be found in the "WISPA [organization acronym]" content). Once the specific contents web page has loaded, on the right side of the screen are various options. To open the content in ArcGIS Desktop, the user can select either the "Open in ArcGIS Desktop" option or "Export Data -> Export to Shapefile."

How do I delete individual records in ArcGIS Online?

  1. Open the WISPA Editor Map 2019

  2. Open the map in MapViewer

  3. Click on whichever record you would like to delete

  4. From the pop up box, select the “Edit” option at the bottom of the pop up box below the horizontal scroll bar

  5. Within this new pop up box, scroll to the very bottom of the options and a gray “Delete” box will be present

  6. Click on the “Delete” box and the record will be deleted

Why are the date and time fields in any exported data off?

ArcGIS Online stores all date and time records in UTC and will convert these dates and times to the users local time to display in ArcGIS Online Viewer Applications; however, when data is exported to any platform other than ArcGIS Online, the date and time fields are not converted to local time and remain in UTC formats. The user must manually change the date and time fields according to their own local time zone in whichever software program they are using to analyze the data (ArcGIS Desktop, CSV, Excel, etc.).

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