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"What to Write About?": Finding Ideas for the Book

Act on the plan.

1. Choose a genre and form, and the "I don't know what to write about" will narrow to the boundaries of fantasy and short stories, detectives and novels.

2. Choose a field - history (historical romance, quest adventures), psychology (how to keep your personality safe in the face of...), technical science (aha, is there life on Mars?).

3. study the market, follow the trend, read competitors' books and study their ideas. If your own don't come up, start with small fanfics. Write a novella on behalf of someone else's character, buy essay in 3 hours find a turning point in the story, and write an alternate story.

How can this help in the search for ideas? The method of association will work. With good development and passion, one idea will pull a second, third, fourth. First with someone else's "roots," then based on your thoughts.

But the most important condition for all three approaches is to live. Live and enjoy life, take time and develop your curiosity, take an interest and develop, read, observe and analyze. Then the question "where do I get my ideas from?" won't even arise.

Right now, instead of running from room to room, instead of sitting around and complaining that you have nothing to write about, right now go outside, look around and think: what can you write about?

Isn't there anything interesting around? Involve your interests, think of their characters and the plot. No interests? Get one. This is more math homework help useful than sitting at home and stare bleakly at the monitor screen. Do not want to be interested and evolve? Then don't complain and don't write. How can you interest the reader, if you are not interested in anything?

And one more thing: if you've already had interesting ideas, think - by what method? From a situation, an association, or "out of nowhere"? And look for new ideas based on your own experience, work in your own direction.

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