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Category:2003 software Category:Business software Category:Computer-related introductions in 2003Q: What are the best tools to install for Ubuntu 11.10 I have a problem with my current OS, which is Ubuntu 11.10. And I want to know that which are the best tools I can use to have a perfect, clean and fast and safe operating system. A: Best tools: Dolphin Bluefish Gimp Vlc vim Your best friend in Ubuntu: I know it sounds funny but a good editor: Compilation tool: tcpp - an all-in-one development tool for C++ based on GCC. I. Field of the Invention This invention relates generally to an improved ice skates and more particularly to an ice skate of the type which may be utilized by a person wearing the type of "figure skates" or the like. II. Discussion of the Prior Art Ice skates, of the type in which the foot is engaged with the skate by the toe of the boot, have been in use for years. These skates typically consist of a pair of toe binding elements which, together with a pair of toe engaging elements, are attached to a toe piece of an ice skate boot. A heel binding element is removably engaged with the boot at the heel and a toe binding element, having a strap or the like, is attached to the toe piece and extends between the toe binding elements. In use, the toe binding elements and the toe engaging elements are engaged with a boot or the like to secure the boot to the skate. The boot is, however, quite large because it must accommodate the heel binding element. As a result, the toe binding elements are considerably spaced from the boot. Moreover, the heel binding element is relatively wide to accommodate the heel and the toe binding element is necessarily spaced from the heel binding element to accommodate the width of the boot and the toe binding element. As a result, the toe binding element must be relatively wide. This can cause difficulty for the skater. This can cause difficulty for the skater because of the tendency of the toe binding element to become unstable during the skating maneuver.Determinants of health care seeking for musculoskeletal

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