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Thank you for your commitment to helping us train new iMapInvasives users in New York!  We have created this page to help you access resources available to you to make you training events even more successful.  As always, if you have any questions, feel free to contact us at imapinvasives@dec.ny.gov.

Looking for a Certified Trainer?


Below is the Basic and Master Certified Trainers Map



Who should get certified:

  • Natural resource professionals, college students, educators, and citizen scientists interested in protecting our natural areas and working with others

Benefits for Certified Trainers:

  • Involvement in local and statewide projects, increased awareness of invasive species, networking opportunities, professional experience, improve resume

Project Importance:

  • The more information we have about invasive species, the more effective our efforts are to minimize impacts on the places we love. The iMapInvasives Trainers Network helps by growing the number of people knowledgeable about, and looking for, invasive species, which boosts our ability to catch new invaders early.

Certification Levels: 

  • Basic Trainer: Receive free training on iMapInvasives, host 1+ trainings in your community, host 1+ training per year

  • Master Trainer: Receive free training on iMapInvasives, host 3+ trainings in your community, host 2+ training per year


How to Get Certified:

  • Initial training is offered via webinar or in-person (when available, contact us for more information)

  • Submit Certification Plan (document can be found under "Resources" below) 

  • Host your first trainings! 

Upcoming Webinar Trainings: 

Basic and Master Certified Trainers List


Master Certified Trainers: 

Alyssa Lu, ESF Student

Caroline Marschner, Cornell University

Charlotte Malmborg, NYS Hemlock Initiative Colleen Lutz, NYNHP, iMapInvasives

Donna Vogler, SUNY Oneonta

Dylan Finley, Vassar College

Elyse Henshaw, RTP Institute

Emily Pacifico, RIT Student

Emma Antolos, NYSDEC

Emily Thiel, WNY PRISM

Eric Struening, SUNY Cobleskill

Falon Neske, NYSOPRHP

Frank Williams, Citizen Scientist

Jennifer Dean, NYNHP, iMapInvasives

Jillian Harris, NYSOPRHP

Joshua Strobel, RIT Student

Keri VanCamp, Vassar College

Lindsay Dombroskie, NYSOPRHP

Luke Gervase, LIISMA PRISM

Meg Wilkinson, NYNHP, iMapInvasives

Megan Pistolese, SLELO PRISM

Michael Joint, ESF Student

Michele Wunderlich, Cayuga County Planning

Patricia Schulenburg, Save the River

Patty Wakefield-Brown, FL Institute

Rebecca Hargrave, SUNY Morrisville

Robert Moakley, RIT Student

Ryan Benincase, ESF Student

Sarantia Mitsinikos, NYSOPRHP

Shannon Fabiani, CCE Onondaga County

Spencer Barrett, Capital Mohawk PRISM

Sydney VanWinkle, RIT Student

Tony Zhang, RIT Student

Zachery Prokocki-Loomis, RIT Student

Zachary Sutherby, RIT Student



Basic Certified Trainers: 

Alexander Novick, Lake George Land Cons.

Amanda Barber, Cortland County SWCD

Amelia Zaino, City University NY

Ashley Young, Otsego County

Bob Stromberg, Citizen Scientist

Donald Fisher, Little York Lake

Glenda Berman, CCE Master Gardener

Gwendolyn Temple, Capital Mohawk PRISM

Jessica Ingham, SUNY ESF

Jessica Miller, Otsego County
Joellen Lampman, NYS IPM Program

John Thompson, Catskills PRISM

Joyce Tomaselli, Citizen Scientist
Katie Des Jardin, FL PRISM

Kristin King, NYSOPRHP

Kristopher Williams, Capital Mohawk PRISM

Leah Gorman, NYSDEC
Meredith Taylor, NYC DEP

Monica Dore, Lake George Land Conservancy

Paige Restivo, Hartwick College
Steven Pearson, LIISMA PRISM

Steven Shope, Council of Park Friends
Tim Kennelty, CCE Master Gardener Volunteer

Timothy Morris, SUNY ESF Student
Wendy Paterson, Buffalo Niagara Waterkeeper



Resources for Current Trainers

Certification Resources:

Initial Training Webinar Recording

Initial Training Presentation Slides

Certification Plan


Pre-Training Resources:

Checklist for Training

Training Class Details Form (must fill this out!)

Advanced Registration Spreadsheet 

For Use During Trainings:

Registration/Sign In Document

Call for Trainers Handout

iMapInvasives Presentation 

For Use After the Trainings:

Followup training details form

Additional Resources:

If there is a resource you are specifically looking for and do not see here, check the following resource pages:

iMapInvasives Resources 

Additional Resources (must login to access)

iMapInvasives Training



*All resources are available in a Network only online database, this includes the original form and many additional resources, if you would like a link to that drive, please contact Brittney. 

**Be sure to check formatting/layout issues before using resources during a training


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To inquire about the CTN or request a training from a member listed above, please email us. We are happy to help! 

Email:  iMapInvasives@dec.ny.gov

SUBJECT LINE: Certified Trainers Network


Check out some of the target species in NYS!


Contact Us:

New York Natural Heritage Program 

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iMapInvasives is managed by the New York Natural Heritage Program (NYNHP), which is a partnership between SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry and the NYS Department of Environmental Conservation, with funding from the New York State Environmental Protection Fund.

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Photo by Chris Evans, University of Illinois, Bugwood.org CC-NC 3.0